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Virtual Edge Connection Event Planning Toronto

20+ years of event planning experience working with high-level experts, global corporations, and the healthcare industry.

Ready to take your business to the next level with an event that will show the world what you can actually do?  Imagine managing big events for your business all by yourself!

Which platform do I use?

How do I moderate my community all while speaking?

Are there any cutting edge, interactive add-ons that I can add to my event?

Am I missing anything?

The list of tasks goes on, and on, and on...

Daunting, right?


Establish yourself as a source of authority in your industry and show your viewers how you’re the expert they can-and should-trust.  Keep your guests on the "edge" of their seats, highly anticipating your next event.

Next Level

take your business to the 

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while we organize you have time to strategize on what matters

Virtual Edge Connection organizes your series event, both live sessions, and pre-recorded series, in a manner that keeps your users engaged and aims to expand your audience. Host your summits on our platform with experienced and knowledgeable event organizers to ensure your events are a success. 

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on-demand services, photo booths, panel discussions

By working with Virtual Edge Connection to host your conference, you’re guaranteed technology that allows for seamless panel discussions, simulated, live, or on-demand services, and a photo booth for an unlimited audience. 

best corporoate event planner toronto


text chats, screen sharing, slide sharing, and recording

Seminars provide an opportunity to educate, interact and build personal relationships with your audience. It’s a great entry point into your business allowing your audience to get to know you.  Virtual Edge Connection provides you with all the right tools to host your next live seminar while providing features such as text chats, screen sharing, slide sharing, and recording functionalities to ensure your event is a success. 

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interacTivity for maximum impact

By working with Virtual Edge Connection to host your retreats, you are guaranteed technology that allows for seamless panel discussions, simulated, live, or on-demand services, and a photo booth for an unlimited audience. 


are you ready to take your business

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best corporate event planning

What's the Story Behind

Virtual Edge Connection corporate event planning

Taking YOUR business to the next level through high-level events.

Meet Lavina Gomes

The event space has shifted so much over the last 5 years, that we’ve learned to become fluid and adapt to the changes we need to implement to create successful events, whether in person, online, or hybrid.


What used to be a simple process of setting up an event, has now become a more complicated puzzle with many moving parts. The integration and innovation of technology into the events space has shaken up the industry, and it's forced us to develop new methods, systems, and opportunities to create and plan dynamic and immersive experiences for attendees. 


With over 20+ years of events expertise, I’ve had to access all areas of my knowledge and the ins and outs of the events industry to offer my clients creative events that are a STEP UP from the old way of doing things.   

What’s my mission now?


To help experts, corporations, entrepreneurs, and influencers just like you, I built Virtual Edge Connection to fulfill all your event needs, so you can focus on the day to day operations and management of your business. 


I am passionate and driven about everything I do. I always strive to build open communication with clients from day one to ensure that your event vision comes to life through efficient planning and execution. 


I understand the stress that comes with planning an event from start to finish. With my unique and innovative planning style, I have systems and processes in place to ensure that all aspects of your event are covered. 


From booking event spaces, to hotel rooms, and all the logistics involved, I oversee all stages and details of the event life cycle from conception to completion and evaluation. 


I’ve developed and executed multiple international events and conferences in a variety of fields including telecommunications, government, mining, airline industry, medical, food and beverage, and so much more. 


For everything from a small organization to a large multinational global corporation, each has its own unique event needs. With my diverse professional background I am able to provide an exceptional customized event experience to each of my clients so attendees walk away feeling inspired, educated, empowered and ready to take on the world.

Why trust Virtual Edge connection? 


Our professional team is made available to you to insure a streamlined, smooth event.  Leave the technical checklist and headache that comes with it, to us, and focus on what matters most:

your event content!

Get peace of mind knowing the technology is taken care of.

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